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Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

Elevé is a classical ballet term, a French word meaning "to bring up", "to elevate", “movement.” The dancer rises up into demi-pointe or en pointe.

The woman behind

From the age of 2, the dance studio was my second home. And the stage, my third. For me, those places represent hours and hours of intense practice, hard work, and more than a few bumps, bruises and blisters. They also represented time spent with some of my closest friends in the world, competition, and the joy of a perfectly executed solo. 
Unfortunately, because of the environment I was in, dance eventually came to represent doubt in myself, stress, and unending tension. I came to dread Spring weekends and the negativity that they would bring. So, three years ago, I turned my back on dance and promised myself I’d never go back.
But in 2022, an idea began to creep in. I missed dance, and I wanted to find a way to get back to something I had loved so much. But I wanted to help create something that was the exact opposite of what I had experienced. Something positive. I challenged myself to develop something to reignite my love of dance. An opportunity for dancers to learn and grow, practicing as hard as I did, and do it while supporting one another. 

Elevé Dance Competition is that opportunity. Together we will thrive, cheer each other on, and experience the joy of dance. We will elevate, in dance and life.






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