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Brittany Rohm (COO)

Brittany Pent Rohm is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance educator & cofounder of Elevé National Dance Competition. A proud alumni of Point Park University with a BFA in Musical Theater & a minor in dance! Growing up immersed in the vibrant world of dance, it has profoundly shaped Brittany’s journey and fueled her passion for the art form. Her early experiences as a dancer laid the foundation for her understanding of the challenges and joys that performers face. The dance studio became Brittany’s second home, a space where creativity flourished, and lifelong connections were forged. Through countless hours of training, rehearsals, and performances, she developed a profound appreciation for the dedication and discipline required to excel in the world of dance.   Brittany is committed to ensuring seamless and efficient operations, from the initial planning stages to the grand finale of each competition. She strives to foster an environment that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the incredible talent within the dance community.   Together with her talented Elevé team, she is excited to continue pushing boundaries, inspiring young artists, and setting the stage for unforgettable moments every competition weekend.    Brittany aims to ensure that Elevé National Dance Competition not only reflects the evolution of dance but also serves as a platform for the next generation of dancers to thrive and shine on the stage and in life!

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